Arcadian Fish

All Fish, fishing pole and fish sign are modeled, textured and rigged by Tatiana Malinko for Arcadia Entertainment.

Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop.

Concept art by Lucas Aceituno.

All rights reserved

These are the fish that are meant to be caught during the "fishing" game.

They are supposed to be able to swim in the pond freely, as well as have the ability to be "hooked up" by the fishing rod, follow the rod and wiggle on the end of the line when pulled out.

There are 12 fish meshes that share a common skeleton. The challenge here was to make the fishes look different from each other while animate nicely with a single skeleton.

Poly count of each fish is between 100 and 200 polygons.

The skeleton set-up features: IK to FK switch on the spine, fully articulated head and jaw, articulated fins.

Fish skeleton demo animation, click here.


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Tatiana Malinko©2010